The Dutch-ess – 48

The Dutch-ess – 48

Why did you choose your name? I’m half Dutch so it seemed like a no brainer.

Why did you choose your number? It’s actually my name and my twin sister’s name distilled down into numbers. That way she gets to skate with me.

Who is your favourite skater? It’s difficult to pick favourites but Rosie Peacock inspired me to push through my knee rehab to get on skates so they deserve a shout out. I’m also in awe of Lady Trample.

What kit do you run?  Skates – I’m currently on sure grip gt50s but I’m looking at upgrading to Chaya Sapphire elites. * Wheels – Atom Snaps 91a * Pads – 187 killers * Helmet – S1 lifer in purple.

Hardest mins test? Hmm I would say it’s a toss up between my one foot glide on my left foot and jumping. I still don’t enjoy jumping. Whilst I know my knee is healthy and strong enough to take it, I still have a mental block that makes it scary. I can jump when it matters but I’d rather not.

On average how long do you spend in the sin bin in each game? I actually think I don’t spend large amounts of time in the bin… I don’t know if that’s because I play cleanly or if I’m just not getting caught 😉

Best tip for rollerderby? Try not to compare yourself to other skaters. You are your own person with your own health and fitness background. I’m still trying to remember this myself.

Why do you love Rollerderby? This sport is just such a rush. It accepts you regardless of size, gender, sporting background. It has empowered me to see my body for what it can do rather than what size or shape it is. I’ve mostly stopped looking at how to lose weight and slim down to fit some fashion model size that is unachievable and begun to look at how to make myself stronger, fitter and faster.

Why did you choose LDD/FnL? Honestly it was because LDD were running their new skaters course earlier than ARRG but I couldn’t ask for a better more welcoming team. I love this league so much.

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