Knight Fury – 86

Knight Fury – 86

Why did you choose your name? I was looking to one of my favourite bands Muse for inspiration liking ‘Fury’ and ‘Knights of Cydonia’, then I watched How to Train you Dragon and there was a wonderful click moment and Knight Fury was born.

Who is your fave skater? It changes week to week so I always hesitate when asked this. My league mates are all massive inspiration and teach me things all the time but I think this week it is Miracle Whips. I was recently at a boot camp and was in awe of her skill and the way she moves on skates.

Hardest mins test? The skill I found the hardest was backwards skating, specifically steering. At the time we used cones as a track and I’d roll over them and caused many a bruised bum.

What do you always end up in the sin bin for? Usually cuts as a jammer. I did once get called for a stop block – which I was secretly a bit proud of because of my build I have to work harder at blocking one on one.

Why do you love Rollerderby? I really love when I’m coaching something new or to our recruits and you can see them learning and improving a skill, it’s wonderfully satisfying to see my league mates succeed. It’s also taught me to really recognize and utilize different people’s strengths and also how to be patient and ask for help when I need it eg I NEED OFFENCE!

Why did you choose LDD/FnL? I had just moved to Edinburgh having bought my kit with the intention of taking up the sport. A friend had not long joined the then newly formed LDD it seemed like a good fit, I’d be part of a close knit league and be in with a good chance of making the bouting team. I’m so pleased I did join LDD as I’ve gotten to be a part of this wonderful organisation and see it grow and develop into a supportive space for anyone who wants to play roller derby.

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