Harm – 24

Harm – 24

Why did you choose your name? Second name Harman and after Harminator and Fully Harmed, Harm is just easier.

Why did you choose your number? Me and my 2 daughters are all born on the 24th of the month.

Who is your favourite skater? I love Kid Block and Lady Trample. To be honest my league members inspire me the most. I love seeing them achieve goals and encouraging each other, that’s what being a team is about.

What kit do you run?
Skates: Sure Grip (desperately need new boots) with Avenger Plates.
Wheels: Roll Out 98s
Pads: 187
Helmet: S1 lifer – shiny and sliver

What stickers are on your helmet? Lots on my training helmet. My fav is a skating sloth.

Hardest mins test? For me jumping, I always hit the cones. I learned to jump beside the cones instead of over and it worked. I am like a magnet when there is a obstacle l just hit it square on. It makes me a good blocker.

What’s your rules knowledge like? Good but even better since listening to Aly our ref. Aly is great and explains where we are going wrong.

What do you always end up in the sin bin for? Elbows or stop block probably because I do them both a lot 🙂

Best tip for roller derby? Pick a skater you think is slightly better than you and chase them down. This will keep you improving without feeling it’s too much. Also love the sport, watch it, play it and think about it.

Why do you love roller derby? I can be a fit strong woman regardless of my body shape. It’s the first team sport that welcomed my big ass which is amazing in the body conscious world.

Why did you choose LDD/FnL? LDD has an amazing reputation of being a really nice bunch of people. This really stood out to me as they lent me kit and really supported me. F&L is an amazing addition to LDD. I am not sure I would want to train without out our guys. Derby for me is about pushing myself so hard physically and mentally but at the same time having the best fun ever with the some of the best people l know.

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