Atomic Panda – 11

Atomic Panda – 11

Why did you choose your name? Nickname (sorta) from school.

Why did you choose your number? 11 is my lucky number, also the day before my birthday – anticipation of excitement!

Who is your fave skater? Shortstop is my idol, but equally I love my teamies!

What kit do you run?
Skates: Antiks
eels: Atom Jukes

Pads: TSG pads
Helmet: Hardnutz

What stickers are on your helmet? Just my Bamboo Beard Co. sticker

Hardest mins test? 27/5 – OMG it ruff!

What’s your rules knowledge like? Em pretty good I tend to know why I’m in the bin these days. Not always my fault but sometimes I’m naughty!

On average how long do you spend in the sin bin in each game? Hmmm average between 2-5 times

What do you always end up in the sin bin for? ALWAYS destruction of pack…

Best tip for rollerderby? Keep practicing, muscle memory is fantastic at helping with everything.

Why do you love Rollerderby? It’s a combination of a great team sport, far from boring to play or watch. I like helping my teamies and watching them do amazing things that I know they’ve been perfecting for ages. It’s ruff and gets rid of a bit of aggression, and there’s always lots of hugs!

Why did you choose LDD/FnL? One of my friends recommended them years ago!

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