August Star Doll of the Month

August Star Doll of the Month

We get to know one of our longest skating members.

Name & Number?

Psycho, 24/7.

When did you start roller derby?


How did you become involved in roller derby?

Went along to see what it was all about and was hooked.

What is your skating/other sport background?

Don’t have a sporting background but skated for years as a child and played roller football.

Favourite motivational quote?

If you can’t reach the goal change the direction of the game to achieve the goal.

Preferred position on track?

Now a full time blocker and general pain the backside of the opposition.

Best derby moment?

Don’t have a single best derby moment but their have been many amazing times with the dolls.

Has playing roller derby taught you anything?

Roller derby has made me mental stronger than I thought I could be. Also fitter than I was 25 years ago.

Derby hero?

Snot rocket (steel city roller derby)

Do you have any roles within the league and how has this been of benefit to both the league and yourself personally?

Many rolls within the league but everyone has a part to play to keep the dolls ticking over Grievance has made me more aware of other people struggles within the league.

What is your job?

Full time care assistance for young disabled people

Have you ever been injured through playing derby?

Yes many times.

Any advice for a new skater?

Never give up. Everyone learns at a different rate and no two people skate in the same way. Don’t be to hard on yourself.

How long did it take you to pass min skills?

Probably around 4 months I think. Waited longer on my skates arriving from the states

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