Lothian Derby Dolls vs. DRG’s Bonnie Colliders

Lothian Derby Dolls vs. DRG’s Bonnie Colliders

Lothian Derby Dolls 57

DRG’s Bonnie Colliders 414

This was the first bout of the year for Lothian Derby Dolls and we fielded a team with mixed levels of experience.

With a few skaters injured or having babies, we felt this was a good opportunity to give our newer skaters some experience.

The Bonnie Colliders dominated the game with strong offensive blockers making holes in the LDD walls for nippy jammers to take advantage of.

LDD had a hard time reforming their defensive walls, then lost three skaters from the game due to penalties.

The second half was more positive for LDD with Fi-nix taking an epic star pass from Jugz and Tea-Wrecks hitting out her first jammer in competitive play.

LDD heads remained held high despite getting beaten by such a wide margin. In Roller Derby things change quickly and we will be training hard until the next bout on 12th March against Mean City.

LDD needs your support so if you fancy giving skating a go, learning how to referee the game, or supporting or sponsoring us please get in touch at info@lothianrollerderby.co.uk

Written by: Fully Harmed


Photo Credit: Alan Wilson (Midlothian Advertiser)

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