Dukesy – 28

Why did you choose your name? I originally used to be named The Duke Box many years ago. It’s a play on my surname Duke. But over time it changed as my teamies always just called me Dukesy.

Why did you choose your number? It relates to the best day….the day I was born !

Who is your favourite skater? I’ve been a Kid Block fan for years. It’s the tallness. I love tall skaters they amaze me. Even on a local level there are so many favourite skaters for different teams.

What stickers are on your helmet? A Fear and Lothian sticker and my derby name.

Hardest min to pass? When I first done mins years ago for the first time it was transitions but I love them now.

What’s your rules knowledge like? Rules knowledge is pretty good as all my off skates periods through the years has helped massively with watching and taking it in and really understanding things.

Best tips for roller derby? Best tip is take your time. That’s a hard one but don’t stress about pushing yourself too far and failing right away time is different for everyone we all learn at different rates. No-one’s timeline in derby will ever be the exact same as someone else’s.

Why do you love roller derby? I love roller derby because it gives me time for me. It allowed me to learn a whole new skill, become that bit fitter but make real connections in finding new friendships.

Why did you choose the league? I choose LDD many years when it first formed as it the training locations suited me better than my previous league.

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