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Sneak-a-chu – 1630

Why Sneak-a-chu? I’m a big fan of Pokémon! Why 1630? This is Buffy’s house number and I’m a huge fan of Buffy (and clearly a massive geek). What stickers are on your helmet? I have a Haunter Pokémon sticker and a couple of team stickers. Also one from 5th Blocker, my fave skate shop! Hardest minimum skill? Transitions took…
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Darth Does Us Proud

An Interview by Fully Harmed. I have been lucky enough to skate with Darth for just under 3 years and I have been able to watch him to grow into the amazing strong skater he is today.  I wanted to interview Darth because he is very modest and everyone at Lothian Derby Dolls and Fear…
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